Рингтон Baker x Hydra - F*ck you

Baker x Hydra - F*ck you
  • Скачали: 24
  • Длительность: 00:40
  • Качество: 320, Stereo
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Скачать рингтон Baker x Hydra - F*ck you. Длительность 00:40 и качество 320. Что бы прослушать как звучит эта рингтон на мобильном телефоне (смартфоне), нажмите кнопка "Play" начнётся проигрывание рингтона. Звонок на телефон можно скачать бесплатно в формате mp3 для вашего смартфона на android (андроид) или m4r для iphone (айфон). Добавлено: 06 август 2022. Найдите похожие рингтоны по тегам:
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Текст песни Baker x Hydra - F*ck you
Текст (слова песни начинаются только с 29 секунды)
They fearing baker the underground undertaker
Time to meet your maker
Buckin buckin b*tches with the sickness in my eyes is hatred
F*ck another clique
B*tch its Doomset till i'm six
Say you claim evil sh*t but I still see that your feeble b*tch
You take a blow in your pride, cause you know that I am no lie
You just a busta in disguise no need to run now face your lies
You facing terror
Now b*tch I dare ya f*ckin with this clique
Open shop on bustas lettem know that we so thick
2 low for these h0es
With the flow I keep bold
You think you game then come then come approach with the style I have evoked demons
Demons in the night
See you have no love for life but I don't even waste my time I let you suffer in denial
F*ck you, f*ck the fuzz
All about that blood and guts
Traumatizing no surprising
Pistol-packing murderers
Homicidal schizophrenic thoughts of
Violence I'm a killa mane
Images of death and pain
Hide your motherf*ckin body in the back lot
With the
Wish you had that f*ckin gat cocked
Diggin graves
Never slippin you ain't saved
One shot from the Glock
Now you sleepin in a lake
From the depths of hell, I take control
I'm robbin bustas
and meet your holy ghost
F*ck you if you hatin on the devil sh*t
Doomset takin over h0e we comin for your neck
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